Burnout Doesn’t Happen Overnight…
It’s a smoldering fire of stress and overwhelm.

Are you on your way to personal and professional burnout?

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The First Step is Self-Awareness

Do you feel like you spend your days running fast and furious but still feel unproductive, drained, and dissatisfied?

Do you sometimes feel physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted with little opportunity to rest, recover, and restore balance?

Maybe you’re feeling more detached from work, undervalued or even cynical and wondering if you’re really headed in the right direction.

You’re not alone. Gallup research shows us that burnout affects two-thirds of the workforce at one time or another. For many it’s a chronic issue.

Hi, I’m Kelli. A few years ago I was working at what I thought was my dream job. Even with a purpose, meaningful work, a team to support me, and great results… over time the flames of burnout began to consume me.

I took on more and more. I ran harder and faster. I was exhausted. I couldn’t catch my breath. I lost site of the big picture. I became resentful. My dream job became a chore that was destroying me. And I was allowing it. I didn’t know how to stop it until finally I just couldn’t do it any longer. I quit.

I’m not suggesting you quit your job. What I am saying is that stress and overwhelm can build and smolder over time without your awareness, until you find yourself in the flames of personal and professional burnout. Burnout can be prevented and reversed. But first you need awareness.

There’s a continuum of stages that lead to burnout. Find out where you land on the road to burnout. Take the Burnout Quiz today.

“I love the approach: Learn it. Practice it. Apply it. Coaching took it to another level. This is a life changer!” 
Fortune 500 Corporate Manager 

“The Burnout Discovery Map really opened my eyes. It gave me a new lens in which to make decisions, set priorities, and have discussions.”
Vice President

“So often we don’t challenge our own thinking. I’ve always been successful at work…never realized I didn’t have to sacrifice myself in the process.” 
Business Owner  

Kelli Porcaro

Kelli Porcaro

Kelli is the founder of EQuip Studios. She is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and a Master Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. EQuip Studios partners with individuals and organizations to unlock infinite possibility.


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